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Fruitapone Plus Harmony Bar Soap

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Fruitapone Plus is derived from natural fruit extracts, which contain vitamins.  The combination of fruit extract and bisabolol (bisabolol is also known as levomenol) has moisturizing and soothing effects.

This soap is currently on back-order, and we plan restock this popular soap.

Ingredients:  Sodium palmate, coconut oil, glycerine, water, fruit extract, bisabolol, fragrance, tetrasodium EDTA, titanium dioxide.

Contains three soaps, 75 grams each.  8 ounces total net weight.

Made in Indonesia.

Fruitapone Plus is made using a cold process method in small batches, that is, ingredients are not reheated. This preseves the naturally occuring properties of the fruit extracts.  Fruit extracts are rich in proteins, vitamins and these properities are preserved in this purely vegetarian soap.  So, frequent use of Harmony Bar Soap will leave your skin smoother and fresher.


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It reduces acne as well as spots. I love it and it is absolutely not debatable!!! Carry on in Harmony!:*

doyin :: Jan 01 2014, 05:18 am

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