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Cold & Flu Room Spray

Product Code: COL632

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Lovely aroma in a germ-killing lavender and eucalyptus all-natural essential oil blend.  New, more concentrated blend.

One ounce spray bottle.

This is a handy size to carry with you, take to the office, or for travel.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Powerful Stuff

I am a regular user of the room spray, "cold & flu." The new stronger formula is much stronger, but it still smells nice -- about the same, only noticeably stronger. I have not had a cold since I started using the room spray at home and in the office. Or flu, either.

Andy :: Jan 01 2011, 13:38 pm

Kill those germs!

I feel this product keeps airborne germs at bay. I don't have any scientific proof, but I work in a busy doctor's office and I haven't had a cold all year! I just use a spritz or two when I feel it's needed, and the bottle has lasted a long time. Plus it smells great.

Anonymous :: Apr 06 2010, 20:40 pm

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