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Innocent Essential Oil Blend

Product Code: INNYLGGZ90

Innocent Essential Oil Blend is a fruity, floral optimism blend that coincides with the trusting personality of the Heroic Innocent, who has confidence in her fellows. Bergamot, Tagetes, Amyris and Vanilla combine in a mobile olive-green blend sure to keep that positive outlook. Alternate names would have been EO-Optimism or EOOutlook or some variation of that meaning.  Understand these blends were designed based on research from aromatherapy practitioners,  Ayurvedic tradition, and hard traditional science. We also merged perfumery principles with therapuetic efficacy.  This is not just a therapuetic ensemble of practical oils thrown together for medicinal purposes, but a pleasant design with the input of a Doctorate of Chemistry, and a combined staff of women and men.  This was a methodical, intentional project with a beautiful end in mind.  This is not the the sort of product that a marketing team develops but that of a perfume-savvy artistic staff with an advanced understanding and decades of experience in olfactory balance. 


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