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DEET free and very effective essential oil blend insect repellent.  Aeracuras' essential oil blend is added to a fractionated coconut oil base.  An all-natural mosquito repellent, effective on other biting insects as well, such as fleas, ticks, chiggers, lice, bed bugs, mites, and biting flies.

The one ounce size comes in an amber glass bottle; the four ounce size in an aluminum spray bottle; one pound and one kilogram sizes for refills.

Save yourself from those itchy bites.


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Insect Repellent Review

I am a person who is loved very much by mosquitoes. I have tried numerous natural repellents. Becky's Insect Repellent worked! This last weekend I was at the river with four other women. Three of these women were lucky that the mosquitoes were not interested in them, only myself and another woman. This other woman used her natural insect repellent and still got numerous bites, I did not get any! She then used my Becky's Bath Salt's Insect Repellent and was not bothered the rest of the weekend. First thing monday morning, I was at the website buying a pound of it! I live on a boat for 7 months in Mexico where this is much needed. Thank you for your exceptional product.

Susan Redwine :: Aug 29 2011, 17:34 pm

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