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Cedar Oil Spray

Product Code: CEDD64

Here is the Bed Bug Registry.

Whack those bed bugs out of your life!  Don't pick up tiny hitchhikers on your clothes or luggage either!

All-natural cedar essential oil spray to put your mind at ease and bedbugs in their graves.  Not in your bed feeding on you!  Not in my child's bed!

One ounce spray bottle.  Handy for home and travel protection.

Ounce for ounce, this is the best Texas cedar oil bedbug spray on the market today.

Texas Cedar Essential Oil is available in bulk on this site to make your own bedbug spray, if you want larger sizes.

Use our natural, effective solution to rid your life of bed bugs instead of being poisoned by this.  And toxic insecticides don't work so well anymore, see here.


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