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Eucalyptus Bath Salt

Product Code: EUCF11

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Becky's Bath Salts' Eucalyptus Bath Salt has a strong and penetrating eucalyptus essential oil aroma.  For the eucalyptus lover and for anytime you have a cold.

Manufacturer: Becky's Bath Salts


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Average Rating: 5

In Times of Sickness...

I originally purchased this bath salt for the intent of healing a very stubborn sinus infection. As soon as it arrived I dumped it into my bath and let the eucalyptus work its magic! This stuff was awesome, I noticed an immediate improvement and the next day my sinus infection was nearly gone! This stuff is great! Sara

Sara :: Apr 11 2010, 20:41 pm

Try It!

This is an excellent product. I love the scent, so relaxing and soothing. It makes my skin & feet soft without making them oily. And lets face it, sandal season is upon us, and no one wants to look at rough, dry feet. If you don't have time for a long soak in the tub, just put a small amount in the shower(make sure you plug the drain) and gently swirl the salts around until they dissolve while your take your shower(also great if you feel like you are getting a cold). Not tested on animals and made in the USA, what more could you ask for! Shelly

Shelly :: Apr 06 2010, 20:23 pm

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