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Lavender Essential Oil, Organic

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Steam distilled, certified organic lavender flower essential oil from the USA.

Lavandula angustifolia Mill. (L. officinalis Chaix) (Compacta cultivar).  Class:  Ester.

Aeracura's organic lavender essential oil has an outstanding aroma.

Many health benefits are known for the uses of lavender essential oil.


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Big Bruise

I had a big bruise on my upper thigh, that was swollen to the touch, so that if you ran your hand over it, you could feel a lump under it. It was the size of a silver dollar. It was very sore. I put two drops of lavender oil on it twice a day and the pain subsided by the 2nd day. The bruise is mostly gone in seven days. It was a big, black, raised bruise and now it is light yellow. That kind bruise would last for months, now I think it will be gone tomorrow. Vivian

Vivian :: Feb 18 2010, 15:34 pm

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