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Absinthe Essential Oil

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Steam distilled wild absinthe essential oil from the USA.  Absinthe is also known as wormwood and mugwort.  

Species:  Artemisia absinthum, Family:  Asteraceae.  Class:  Ketone.  CAS:  8008-93-3.

Dark green to blue-green in color.

Aromatherapy uses include assisting in lucid dreaming and other shamanic practices.  It is an antiseptic, a stimulant and tonic.  Absinthe has been used as a remedy for fevers and menstrual pains, as a means of aiding child birth, to exterminate tapeworm infestations, to aid digestion, as an effective treatment for upset stomach, and as an antidote for drunkenness and various poisons.

Here is an article titled:  Wormwood -- It's Medicinal Properties.


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