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Neem Oil

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Neem seed oil is a natural cleanser fighting bacteria and fungus through the compounds within its seeds. It is commonly used in toothpaste to kill bacteria causing gingivitis and is also used to eliminate head lice, dandruff and foot fungus. Aeracura’s essential oils CO2 extracts bring out the purest elements of Neem seed oil and focuses the substance with innovative technology. Supercharged CO2 separates the plant’s oils from other substrates and produces a single, potent oil.

With its innate cleansing properties, Neem seed oil also carries powerful vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Like many other seeds, it is also rich in strengthening fatty acids and contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can soothe rashes. These materials combine into an ideal skin cleanser, naturally eliminating bacteria and fungi while restoring skin’s softness and elasticity. Neem seed oil also naturally repels insects and can be used for repellent on humans, pets or plants.

Neem seed oil is ideal for skin treatments including acne washes, lotions, foot soaks, clay masks, body butters and more. Order Neem seed oil CO2 extract for your skin care routine or new product recipe.

Species:  Azadirachta indica.  Family:  Meliaceae.  Class:  Fatty acid triglyceride.  CAS:  8002-65-1.

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